December 6th, 2019: I accepted a tenure-track position at Rollins College!

July 8th, 2019: We published a new article in Consciousness & Cognition! 

May 16th, 2019: We published a new article in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics! Check it out:

April 5th, 2019: I received a fellowship from the LSU Graduate School to complete my dissertation during the next academic year!

Next Event

SEPA 2020 @ New Orleans, LA!

Juan D. Guevara Pinto

PhD Student in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

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About Me

I am currently a sixth year graduate student at Louisiana State University. My research focuses on examining the interaction between attention and memory. Using a wide range of experimental techniques, including eye-tracking, mouse-tracking, pupillometry (and soon EEG!), I investigate the cognitive processes involved in recognition and prospective memory, decision-making, and visual search. I expect to graduate with my PhD on May 2020!

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