December 2020: Our research on the development of expertise in visual search has been accepted for publication at CR:PI !


June 2020: Our research on incidental memories during visual search has been accepted for publication at Memory & Cognition!


December 2019: I accepted a tenure-track position at Rollins College!

July 2019: We published a new article in Consciousness & Cognition! 

May 2019: We published a new article in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics! Check it out:

About Me

I am very excited to be joining the Psychology Department at Rollins College in Fall 2020, where I'll teach courses on general psychology, human memory, sensation and perception, and research methods. My research focuses on examining the interaction between attention and memory. Using a wide range of experimental techniques, including eye-tracking, mouse-tracking, and pupillometry, I investigate the cognitive processes involved in recognition and prospective memory, decision-making, and visual search. 

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Juan D. Guevara Pinto

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Rollins College

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